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Please browse the unique items in our online shop. Everything that we make available for sale here and in our "brick & mortar - really vertical log" location connects you with our educational mission to tell the story of New France - the OTHER Colonial America in the mid-Mississippi River valley of what was known as Spanish Illinois and Upper Louisiana under the regimes of both France and Spain prior to 1803.

You will find items for sale here that link to our local regional products and resources because in the late eighteenth century, Louis Bolduc was a major producer of six commodities: salt, lead, wheat, indigo, tobacco, and pork. You will find French themed products including soaps that represent the things Louis Bolduc obtained on his annual trading trip to New Orleans for resale in his mercantile store. Because this colonial community was a multi-cultural one you can often find items for sale in our shop that represent the Shawnee and Delaware Indian tribes as well as the French West African culture. In addition, in keeping with our transition to a Living History style of interpretation, you will find items hand-produced for our shop by our Museum staff and volunteers. Our hand-produced items will vary based on the seasonal availability of the raw materials: bees wax, fleece, lavender blossoms, rose petals, etc. Finally, you will always be able to find souvenirs here that remind you in a tangible way of your visit like our mugs and shot glasses. So, make this a regular place to look for your gifts, novelties, and educational items.

This is also the place to buy tickets in advance for things like our Vive La Musique North American Music Festival on August 24, 2013 or to one of our De Vin & De Fromage Wine & Cheese tasting events and for our Colonial History Day for Homeschoolers etc. 

Thank you for visiting. Merci beaucoup.

    Jean-Baptise Valle House (model) Louis Bolduc House (model)
    Dinner Theater Ticket for 8/23/14Jean-Baptise Valle House (model)Louis Bolduc House (model)
    Enjoy a dinner featuring local foods and wines while you watch Moliere's School for Wives in an outdoor setting. The event starts at 6PM on Saturday, August 23, 2014.5 x 3" model of the Jean-Baptiste Valle House, paper on wood by Twig.7x3" version of the Louis Bolduc House - paper on wood.




    Loups Garoux Bullet Necklace Wine Bottle Cork
    Loups Garoux Bullet NecklaceSchool For Wives Ticket for 8/22/14Wine Bottle Cork
    Handcrafted from nontoxic pewter by Wind Chapman and hung from a 24" hemp cord, these bullets are etched with a cross. For all your werewolf hunting needs. Small parts- not for young childrenAdmit one to the performance of Moliere's School For Wives on Friday, August 22, 2014. The performance begins at 7PM on the south side of the Linden House at 116 S. Main, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

    Hard wood wine bottle corks engraved by Imagination Laser of Bloomsdale with your choice of Fleur de Lis, Emilie (a portrait in our Museum collection), or a rooster.





    "Qu'ils mangeant de la brioche" (Let them eat cake) - Jean Jacques Rousseau (often attributed to Marie Antoinette)

     "Qu'ils mangeant des noix de pecan...." (Let them eat pecans) - 'Tit Monsieur